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Mer-Line stations are underground train stations that are part of The Mer-Line. Each station is home to an Archangel.

Stations are usually unlocked by the player by completing a puzzle in the overworld. Once unlocked, they serve as the game's "dungeons", with their own sets of monsters, and an Archangel as its boss. They also serve as a means of fast travel; the player can jump between any two unlocked stations by asking Magikrab. Each station usually has two "platforms":

  • Platform A serves the different stations of New Wirral, allowing the player to navigate to different areas of the island via them.
  • Platform B serves farther afield, allowing the Archangels to arrive and fight the player. However, the player discovers departures are closed at the beginning of the game, trapping the player on the island.

List of Mer-Line stations

Image Name Location Archangels
Harbourtown Station exterior.png Harbourtown Station Upper Path Morgante
Glowcester Road Station exterior.png Glowcester Road Station New Wirral Park Poppetox
Mournington Crescent Station exterior.png Mournington Crescent Station Mourningtown Mourningstar
Falldown Mall Station exterior.png Falldown Mall Eastham Woods Nowhere Monarch
Waterloop Station exterior.png Waterloop Station Thirstaton Lake Heckahedron
Cherry Cross Station exterior.png Cherry Cross Station Cherry Meadow Alice
Bard Street Station exterior.png Bard Street Station Cast Iron Shore Robin Goodfellow
Aldgrave Tomb Station exterior.png Aldgrave Tomb Station Lost Hearts Graveyard Lamento Mori
Icelington Station exterior.png Icelington Station Mt. Wirral Babelith
Nights Bridge Station exterior.png Night's Bridge Station Random Aleph/Aleph Null
Power Station exterior.png Power Station Dino Quarry Helia

Although Landkeeper HQ in The Marshes is not a station, it serves a similar purpose, being a unlockable building where the Archangel Mammon is fought. Lenna is not fought in a station, but directly from the overworld.

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