Dino Quarry

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Dino Quarry
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Dino Quarry is small region in the south eastern part of The Deadlands. It is a cavernous place with various large bones sticking out, hence its name.

Places of Interest

Power Station



Main article: The Deadlands#Quarry

In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 恐龙采石场,死地
French Vallée des dinosaures (Les Terres Mortes)
German Dino-Steinbruch, Ödland
Italian Cava dei Dinosauri, nelle Terremorte
Japanese 荒れ地 - サウルス採石場
Korean 불모지 다이노 채석장
Portuguese Pedreira dos Dinossauros, Terramorta
Spanish (Spain) El yermo (Cantera de Dino)
Spanish (Latin America) El yermo (Cantera de Dino)

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