Nowhere Monarch

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Nowhere Monarch #A06
King of Nothing
Nowhere Monarch.png
Incarnation ofConsumerism

Nowhere Monarch is an Archangel with a graphic novel-like appearance and a crown for a head, believing themselves as a "ruler of nothing", despite ruling the Falldown Mall. Is associated with Meredith's "All I Ever Needed" quest.

Ingame Bio

The Nowhere Monarch resides below the Falldown Mall, feeding on the lost potential humans emit when they spend their lives consumed by trivial media and content.

The incarnation of consumerism, Nowhere Monarch was born of mankind's collective dedication to entertainment and media above all else.


Can be found and fought in Falldown Mall, as part of Meredith's "All I Ever Needed" quest.


Nowhere Monarch will use "Call to Arms" as part of some turns to spawn an invincible Nowhere Peasant, which can attack with Spit or Smack. Once two Peasants are on the field, Nowhere Monarch will begin to use Trick until its AP bar is full, where it expends both Peasants in its Angelic Attack.


Special Moves


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In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 无着君主
French Monarque de Nulle Part
German Monarch des Nirgendwo
Italian Monarca di Nessundove
Japanese ノーウェア・モナーク
Korean 공허 군주
Portuguese Monarca de Lugar Nenhum
Spanish (Spain) Rey de Ninguna Parte
Spanish (Latin America) Rey de Ninguna Parte

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