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Poppetox #A04
Master of Puppets
Incarnation ofPuppetry

Poppetox is an Archangel that takes the form of a claymation style skeleton wearing a hat. It sees humanity as its playthings, and has a love for puppets, using them in combat to avoid damage.

Ingame Bio

Poppetox's body is made of a strange, distorted matter. It can tear chunks of this matter from itself and craft crude replicas of those who confront it. These effigies have a strange connection with the individual they mimic, and can transmit any damage dealt to it back to them.

The incarnation of puppetry, Poppetox was birthed by human society's desire to create simulacra of themselves.


Can be found and fought in Glowcester Road Station.


Poppetox uses two "Effigies" that it can swap places with, and uses "Trip" or "AP Steal" as an additional action on most turns. If the player hits an effigy instead of Poppetox, the user's attack is redirected back at them. The effigy that will be swapped with in the coming turn has a spotlight placed over it.


Special Moves


Main article: Poppetox/Dialogue

In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 巫毒娃人
French Pantinox
German Poppetox
Italian Pupazzarox
Japanese ポッペトックス
Korean 포피톡스
Portuguese Marionex
Spanish (Spain) Monigotox
Spanish (Latin America) Monigotox

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