Harbourtown Beach

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Harbourtown Beach
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Harbourtown Beach is a beach located directly to the east of Harbourtown. It is where the player washes up at the beginning of Cassette Beasts.

Places of Interest

Daily item

A daily item that appeared on the beach

Every day a random item will spawn on the eastern section of Harbourtown Beach. There is a 1% chance the random item includes an item from the Rare item table.


Item Canned Ice Latte.png Canned Ice Latte
Random cure
Item Metal.png Metal
Item Old Book.png Old Book
Item Plastic.png Plastic
Random tape*
Item Pulp.png Pulp
Item Rewind.png Rewind
Item Wheat.png Wheat
Item Wood.png Wood

* Basic Tape, Chrome Tape, or an elemental tape


Item Olive Up.png Olive-Up!
Item Upgrape.png Upgrape

Rowing Boat

If the player has access to Pier of the Unknown DLC, after returning from the Dead World, a rowing boat will appear on Harbourtown Beach. Boarding the boat brings the player to Brightside Pier.



Sprite Species Type Rate
Traffikrab - Overworld.png
Traffikrab #011 100.0 %


Species Type Rate
Springheel #001 33.3 %
Carniviper #006 33.3 %
Traffikrab #011 33.3 %

In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 港口镇沙滩
French Plage de Port-la-Ville
German Strand von Hafenstadt
Italian Spiaggia di Harbourtown
Japanese ハーバータウン - 砂浜
Korean 항구촌 해변
Portuguese Praia de Vilancoradouro
Spanish (Spain) Playa de Villapuerto
Spanish (Latin America) Playa de Villapuerto
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