Landkeeper HQ

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Landkeeper HQ
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The Landkeeper HQ is a structure located in The Marshes where the archangel Mammon is fought. As the name implies, it serves as the primary operating base of the Landkeepers. It is associated with Eugene and his quest Acting On Your Best Behaviour.


The HQ rises out of the ground after clearing all the Landkeeper Offices in the game as part of Eugene's quest Acting On Your Best Behaviour. It only appears if he is your partner at the time.


Main article: Mammon

Mammon is fightable from here.



  • A "spawn profile" for randomly spawning monsters similar to those used for some of the Mer-Line stations exists in the game's code. However, there are no encounters apart from the archangel in the final game.

In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 索地员总部
French QG des Gardes-terres
German Makler-Hauptquartier
Italian QG Succhiaterra
Japanese ランドキーパー本部
Korean 투기단 본부
Portuguese QG dos Corretores
Spanish (Spain) Sede de los terratenientes
Spanish (Latin America) Sede de los terratenientes
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