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Alice #A08
Wonderland's Exiled Queen
Incarnation ofEgo

Alice is an Archangel that takes the form of a twisted card illustration. She is based on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, ruling the Cherry Cross Station while hosting size-changing tea parties for the "guests" within her Wonderland-esque Station.

Ingame Bio

Alice sees herself as a benevolent princess of her own domain. The prospect of visiting guests excites her, but only in that she sees people as playthings that can be easily discarded after their novelty runs thin.

The incarnation of ego, Alice was born of mankind's deep well of selfish thinking.


Can be found and fought in Cherry Cross Station.


Alice can grow and shrink with Eat Me and Drink Me respectively, changing her statistics to make her harder to hit but deal weaker attacks or a "glass cannon" that deals powerful attacks but is also vulnerable to them.


Special Moves


Main article: Alice/Dialogue

In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 爱丽丝
French Alice
German Alice
Italian Alice
Japanese アリス
Korean 앨리스
Portuguese Alice
Spanish (Spain) Alicia
Spanish (Latin America) Alicia

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