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Quests are tasks that the player can complete in order to obtain rewards or advance the story.

List of quests

Name Description
This Is The World We Live In
  1. Speak to Kayleigh at the Harbourtown East entrance.
  2. Follow Kayleigh's directions
  3. Accompany Kayleigh to the broken pathway.
  4. Investigate the strange structure.
Land of Confusion
  1. Locate Archangels to complete Morgante's song, then follow the clues it contains to find your way home.
Rumour Has It
  1. Collect rumours from Harbourtown townsfolk.
Take Me On
  1. Head to the outpost in the park to sign up to the Rangers.
  2. Train with each of the ranger captains to become a ranger. You can find out where these captains are stationed by asking around in Harbourtown.
  3. Meet with the Ranger Leader Ianthe to let her know you've trained with all the ranger captains.
  4. Catch up with each of the ranger captains.
Here Comes The Sun
  1. Investigate the new station under Dino Quarry in the Deadlands.
  2. Report back to Ianthe.
I Ran So Far Away
  1. Bring Kayleigh to Mourningtown.
  2. Scope out Mourningtown.
Acting On Your Best Behaviour
  1. Meet up with Eugene in the Outskirts.
  2. Accompany Eugene to the window atop the mysterious office.
  3. Find and clear out all the "Landkeeper's Association" offices.
  4. Accompany Eugene to the location of the Landkeeper's HQ.
All I Ever Needed
  1. Ask the residents of Harbourtown if they've seen Meredith's favourite record.
  2. Find Ranger Leader Ianthe and ask about Meredith's favourite record.
  3. Give Ianthe's envelope to Meredith.
  4. Go with Meredith to Falldown Mall.
Don't You Want Me
  1. Meet Felix at his home in West Harbourtown.
  2. Fight a warrior with a wooden sword in the Cherry Meadow alongside Felix.
  3. Find the four elemental altars with Felix to track down Kuneko.
  4. Help Felix make things right with Kuneko.
Everybody’s Looking For Something
  1. Find Viola's brother Sebastian.
  2. Speak to Viola.
  3. Travel with Viola to the Cast Iron Shore.
  4. Explore the shipwreck with Viola.
Come Back And Stay
  1. Find out what Barkley wants up on Mt. Wirral.
  1. Zedd on Autumn Hill has asked me to make the surrounding area a bit quieter by defeating 5 Bulletinos. Bulletinos can be most easily found on Autumn Hill.
  1. A coin-operated android in Eastham Woods, appears to be malfunctioning. Perhaps finding a suitable coin will help restore it to life.
Working Overtime
  1. Bring 300 wood to the ranger in East Harbourtown.
A Little Inspiration
  1. Go to the cave in the park and find out what happened to the merchant.
On The Hunt
  1. Record a fanged creature perched on a skull, often spotted in the park, to show to Hoylake. (Macabra)
  2. Record a floating worm creature, often spotted in the park, to show to Hoylake. (Stardigrade)
  3. Record a winged rabbit, often spotted on Autumn Hill, to show to Hoylake. (Thwackalope)
  4. Record a crow with a hood and mask, often spotted in the Deadlands, to show to Hoylake. (Nevermort)
  5. Record a wooden-faced elf, often spotted in the park, to show to Hoylake. (Elfless)
Planting the Seed
  1. Plant 14 saplings in Harbourtown.
  2. Inform the ranger in west Harbourtown that you've planter her saplings.
How Does It Feel
  1. Go to the tailor in Harbourtown to help pick a new look for Sunny.
Pier of the Unknown
  1. Disable the 3 Infernal Engines at Brightside Pier.
  2. Speak with Gwen.

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