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Robin Goodfellow #A09
Midsummer Night's Dream
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Incarnation ofTheatrics

Midsummer Night's Dream, Robin Goodfellow is an Archangel that takes the form of a monster in a medieval bestiary. He was originally a character in William Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream. He lures Viola into their station by pretending to be Sebastian to reveal the truth, being associated with her "Everybody's Looking for Something" quest.

Ingame Bio

A trickster straight out of a comedy play, Robin Goodfellow may have once been good-natured. However, when he discovered the play from which he was created, the nature of his existence broke his spirit and turned him cruel and bitter towards humanity.

The incarnation of theatrics, mankind's dedication to the art of theatre and storytelling has birthed Robin Goodfellow. Unlike other Archangels, his manifested form has a singular defined origin - the play Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare.


Can be found and fought in Bard Street Station.


Robin Goodfellow is largely focused on status effects, especially Sleep, using Trick as an additional action on most turns.


Special Moves


  • Robin Goodfellow has an equine-shaped head, presumably referencing him cursing Nick Bottom to have the head of a donkey in the play he originates from.

In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 好人儿罗宾
French Robin Bonenfant
German Robin Gutfreund
Italian Robin Goodfellow
Japanese ロビン・グッドフェロー
Korean 로빈 굿펠로
Portuguese Robin Bom Companheiro
Spanish (Spain) Robin Goodfellow
Spanish (Latin America) Robin Goodfellow

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