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This is an article about Magikrab as a character. For the monster species, see Magikrab.

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Magikrab is an emissary of The Mer-Line dwelling in Mer-Line stations.


Magikrab is a Magikrab the player can talk to that acts as the emissary for The Mer-Line at every Mer-Line station, except the one found in the Here Comes The Sun quest, which can not be fast travelled to and has no Platform A or B.


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In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 魔术蟹
French Magicrabe
German Magikrabbe
Italian Magistaceo
Japanese マギカツギ
Korean 마법게
Portuguese Magikaranguejo
Spanish (Spain) Magikangrejo
Spanish (Latin America) Magikangrejo

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  1. Magikrab's pronouns are set to he/him in the game's data files.

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