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Heckahedron #A07
Neoplatonic Solid
Incarnation ofMathematics

Neoplatonic Solid, Heckahedron is a A07 of the Archangels, taking the form of a flying, ever-shifting cube. It believes in the "perfection" of 4-D space thanks to mathematics.

Ingame Bio

Heckahedron's body is "cardinally fixed", meaning it looks the exact same regardless of what angle you view it from. This isn't unusual - the "physical form" of any Archangel is merely the 3-dimensional shadow of a higher being. They are not bound by euclidean science.

The incarnation of mathematics. One of the younger Archangels, Heckahedron was born when humanity reached an age of hubristic scientific and mathematical thinking.


Can be found and fought in Waterloop Station, after solving the puzzle in Thirstaton Lake.



Special Moves

  • Frustum Cull (Angelic Attack): Melee Attack. Hits a whole team, dealing heavy damage.
    • Being a melee attack, it will also trigger Contact Damage from Heckahedron’s Sharp Edges.


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In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 异六面体
French Héxagonie
German Heckahedron
Italian Esecraedro
Japanese ロックメンタイン
Korean 헤카헤드론
Portuguese Hexaerebos
Spanish (Spain) Exoedro
Spanish (Latin America) Exoedro

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