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Heritage Centre
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Heritage Centre is a building in West Harbourtown that documents the history of Harbourtown and New Wirral.


YEAR 001: The British naval vessel HMS Birkenhead sinks in a storm in the Earth year 1845. Much of the crew and wreckage wash ashore on an unknown island, later christened New Wirral.

YEAR 002: New arrivals appear for the first time. Harbourtown is officially founded. The first recorded encounter with an unknown native creature, or "monster", occurs.

YEAR 006: The first child is born on New Wirral. The first attempt to leave New Wirral ends in disaster - a vessel built on the island is sunk by storms a mile from the coast.

YEAR 048: Following the arrival of multiple engineers, the first electrical grid is built in Harbourtown.

YEAR 050: Upon the 48th anniversary of its formation, Harbourtown dissolves its previously established mayoral position and becomes managed by a committee.

YEAR 062: An attempt to form a second town, named "New London", begin on New Wirral.

YEAR 089: After a terrible disaster, New London is destroyed. Only one resident survived, and was able to return to Harbourtown.

YEAR 091: "Falldown Mall" is discovered, bringing a large supply of Earth goods to New Wirral. The phenomenon of "monster recording" is discovered for the first time.


  • One of the people in the Heritage Centre mentions something that confirms that the game takes place over 100 years after the arrival of the HMS Birkenhead.[1]

In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 遗产展览馆
French Centre du patrimoine
German Heimatmuseum
Italian Museo storico
Japanese 歴史館
Korean 역사관
Portuguese Museu Histórico
Spanish (Spain) Centro del Patrimonio Histórico
Spanish (Latin America) Centro de patrimonio histórico


  1. "My great-grandfather was one of the sailors who was shipwrecked on New Wirral over a hundred years ago!" - Person in the center of the Heritage Centre

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