Gramophone Café

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Gramophone Café
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Gramophone Café is a building in Harbourtown and a core fixture of its community. The establishment is run by Clémence.


Gramophone Café has colorful decor and an old-fashioned gramophone, which makes for a cozy atmosphere. It is a frequent stop for the player to buy common supplies, manage their party, and sometimes receive a Rumour or Quest. It is also the best place to obtain coffee items. The building’s upstairs entrance is where the Player’s room and wardrobe is located.

Notable Features


The player can trade the following items with Clémence.

Icon Item Price Unlocked
Item Rewind.png Rewind 2 Item Wood.png Wood
Item Respool.png Respool 30 Item Wood.png Wood If the permadeath custom game mode is not turned on
Item Canned Ice Latte.png Canned Ice Latte 25 Item Wheat.png Wheat
Item Americano-To-Go.png Americano-To-Go 63 Item Wheat.png Wheat After purchasing Additional Coffee Stock from Wilma once
Item Espresso Express.png Espresso Express 188 Item Wheat.png Wheat After purchasing Additional Coffee Stock from Wilma twice
Item Double Espresso.png Double Espresso 250 Item Wheat.png Wheat After purchasing Additional Coffee Stock from Wilma trice
Item Pear Fusilli.png Pear Fusilli 1000 Item Wheat.png Wheat After completing This Is The World We Live In
Item Basic Tape.png Basic Tape 10 Item Plastic.png Plastic
Item Chrome Tape.png Chrome Tape 7 Item Metal.png Metal After reaching level 20 and obtaining the Mothwing Glide ability
Item Reodorant.png Reodorant 10 Item Plastic.png Plastic
Item Smoke Bomb.png Smoke Bomb 10 Item Plastic.png Plastic


All recruited Partners not currently with the player stand idle in the Café, and can switch with your active Partner when spoken to. Idle partners slowly gain Experience, keep their last equipped tape, and may be seen talking with each other when the player walks in.

Rest Table

The first empty table on the wood-floored section serves as a spot for the Player to rest and to access their tape storage. The party automatically returns here whenever a Song part from Land of Confusion quest is learned.

Unlike with campsites, resting in the Café does not cost Wood and is necessary to advance most Relationships to their highest level..


Main article: Mailbox

On both floors of the Café, including the player's room, is a red Letter Box which prompts players to connect to the internet when examined.


Gramophone Café is involved in a few different quests.

  • Take Me On: This quest is automatically given by Kayleigh after finishing the tutorial segment with her.
  • All I Ever Needed: Asking Clémence about “The Witch House” record will point the player towards the Town Hall to progress.
  • How Does It Feel: This is a follow-up to Eugene’s quest, started after unlocking Fusion with him and viewing a cutscene in the Café.

In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 留声机咖啡馆
French Café Gramophone
German Café Grammofon
Italian Café Gramophone
Japanese グラモフォン・カフェ
Korean 그래머폰 카페
Portuguese Café Gramofone
Spanish (Spain) Café Gramófono
Spanish (Latin America) Café Gramófono
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