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Lenna #A18
Hero of Another Story

The Hero of Another Story, Lenna, is a character from Bytten Studio's previous game, Lenna's Inception. In Cassette Beasts, she appears as an Archangel that can be fought after the completion of the main story, appearing on the overworld as a black-cloaked figure. Defeating her awards the "Hero of Another Story" achievement.

Ingame Bio

Lenna once lived as an unassuming school teacher, whose biggest responsibility was to instruct the "hero" of her world on how to fight the evil Archangels. When the hero was unexpectedly killed, Lenna took up the sword herself.

Lenna's world exists as a video game, stored on a cartridge that was launched into space. A chance cosmic ray caused the game to "glitch" and give sentience to its inhabitants, who are not aware of their electronic origins.


Can be found in Brokenhead, but can only be fought after the player has defeated Aleph Null. Unlike most Archangels, she is fought directly in the overworld and is not part of a questline. Can only be fought once per save file.


Lenna's battle style is rather straightforward compared to some other Archangels, using a mixture of single-target attacks and utility moves. On later turns she may use Parry Stance in combination with Hot Potato to make the resulting Bomb status difficult to deflect. Some monsters summoned by Whistle for Help can guard Lenna with Walls, while others may apply debuffs with moves like Trick and Vengeful Curse.


Special Moves


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The summons from Whistle for Help reference some of the companions in Lenna's Inception: Henrietta the chicken, Gourdon the sentient pumpkin, and Bruce the bat.

In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 莱娜
French Lenna
German Lenna
Italian Lenna
Japanese レナ
Korean 레나
Portuguese Lena
Spanish (Spain) Lenna
Spanish (Latin America) Lenna

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