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Lamento Mori #A11
Dreams of Death
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Incarnation ofFear of death

Dreams of Death, Lamento Mori, is A11 of the Archangels, being a winged skeleton.

Ingame Bio

Lamento Mori, a particularly powerful Archangel for its age, has turned its station platform into a maze of tomb-like chambers, in which it traps and torments any unfortunate soul who dares enter its depths.

The incarnation of the fear of death, Lamento Mori is the latest Archangel formed from humanity's fear and anxieties of dying.


Can be found and fought in Aldgrave Tomb Station.


Lamento Mori is one of the weaker Archangels, with a focus on death-related moves.


Special Moves


Main article: Lamento Mori/Dialogue


Name Origin

Lamento Mori's name is a portmanteau of "lament" and the phrase "memento mori."


  • Lamento Mori was the first boss added to the game during development.[1]

In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 呜呼哀
French Lamento Mori
German Lamento Mori
Italian Lamento Mori
Japanese ラメント・モリ
Korean 라멘토 모리
Portuguese Lamento Mori
Spanish (Spain) Lamentato Mori
Spanish (Latin America) Lamentato Mori


  1. "Wow. Like, just wow. Lamento Mori is really just a joke to fight against." - Jack Bright#8768 ... "it was the first boss we added, and definitely not the smartest" - tccoxon#5550 (Tom Coxon). Bytten Studio Discord server. May 12, 2023.

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