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Helia #A16
Process of Fusion
Incarnation ofFusion

Process of Fusion, Helia, is A16 of the Archangels, resembling a mix of a Throne, an atom, and the Sun. She is the manifestation of fusion, both in the senses of fusing monsters and nuclear fusion. She is associated with the post-game Here Comes the Sun quest.

Ingame Bio

An incarnation of the power of fusion, Helia oversees all kinds of fusion throughout the cosmos. On her home world, she first manifested in the research laboratory of human scientists who were studying nuclear fusion.

Helia's memory appears to stretch back far beyond her manifestation, to the very first instance of nuclear fusion in the cosmos. As such, she is arguably the oldest Archangel in New Wirral, and is well acquainted with Aleph's machinations from thousands of years ago.


Can be found and fought in Power Station, as part of the post-game Here Comes the Sun quest. Can only be fought once per save file.


Helia is unique in that she has the Fire Type despite being an Archangel.



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Design origin

Helia's design likely references both the Bohr model of the hydrogen atom and Thrones from Christian angelology.

In the Bohr model, atoms are composed of a positively charged nucleus and several discrete circular orbits of electrons. This is similar to Helia's spherical core and rings surrounding it. In particular, Hydrogren has a single electron, much like how Helia has a single ring contained on her outer ring.

Thrones are a high class of angel in Christian angelology that are often depicted as enormous wheels containing many eyes. Similarly, Helia has eye patterns on the outside of her rings.

In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 赫利亚
French Hélia
German Helia
Italian Helia
Japanese ヘリア
Korean 헬리아
Portuguese Hélia
Spanish (Spain) Helia
Spanish (Latin America) Helia

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