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Mammon #A10
Head Landkeeper
Incarnation ofCapitalism

Thank you for arriving at our scheduled meeting. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. -Mammon

Head Landkeeper, Mammon is A10 of the Archangels, taking the form of a colourful collage face that constantly shifts around. It is the leader of the "Landkeepers", an agency of capitalist estate agents that wants to buy up all the land in New Wirral, and can only be encountered by following Eugene's "Acting On Your Best Behaviour" quest.

Ingame Bio

Unlike the other Archangels, Mammon forgoes dwelling in the labyrinthian stations beneath New Wirral. Instead, it leads its legion of "Landkeepers" from a concrete hold of its own making. Its Landkeepers are hollow vessels, shells given autonomy from its vast well of power.

The incarnation of capitalism, Mammon was formed by the countless worlds where society values monetary gain over all else, even human suffering.


Can be found and fought in Landkeeper HQ, at the end of Eugene's "Acting On Your Best Behaviour" quest.



Special Moves


Main article: Mammon/Dialogue


Name Origin

Chairman Mammon from Lenna's Inception

"mammon" is a term commonly referring to an all-consuming pursuit of wealth, which is sometimes used in critiques of wealthy individuals and capitalism as a whole. It also was used in the Christian Bible to describe the negative influence of material wealth, with some Christian scholars interpreting Mammon as being a demon. Additionally "mammon" was used in other religious texts such as the Hewbrew Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Talmud.[1]

Lenna's Inception also has a capitalistic-themed character called Chairman Mammon (or Gammon), the monstrous form of one its main antagonists, "The Chairman". Mammon in Cassette Beasts has been confirmed not to be the same person as Chairman Mammon, but could possibly be a reincarnation of him.[2][3]

In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 玛门
French Mammon
German Mammon
Italian Mammon
Japanese マモン
Korean 맘몬
Portuguese Mamon
Spanish (Spain) Mammón
Spanish (Latin America) Mammón


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