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New London
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New London is a former settlement in eastern New Wirral, of which only ruins remain.


In Year 62, New London was created as the second settlement in New Wirral.[1]

In Year 89, New London was burnt to the ground, leaving only a single survivor, Penny Dreadful.[2][3]



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In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 新伦敦镇,死地
French Nouvelle-Londres (Les Terres Mortes)
German Neu London, Ödland
Italian Nuova Londra, nelle Terremorte
Japanese 荒れ地 - ニューロンドン
Korean 불모지 뉴런던
Portuguese Nova Londres, Terramorta
Spanish (Spain) El yermo (Nueva Londres)
Spanish (Latin America) El yermo (Nueva Londres)


  1. "YEAR 062: An attempt to form a second town, named "New London", begin on New Wirral." - Heritage Centre
  2. "YEAR 089: After a terrible disaster, New London is destroyed. Only one resident survived, and was able to return to Harbourtown." - Heritage Centre
  3. "Of course, when the town burned down, all those stories were lost. Everyone and everything here went up in flames too, except little ol' me. Penny Dreadful, ranger captain, cheater of death, here in the flesh!" - Captain Penny Dreadful when the player first meets her
  4. "That was certainly somethin'! I better report all this back to Ianthe. Good luck with the Mer-Line, Cass. I'll sit that one out. Hmm... I wonder if "Helia" had anything to do with the fire that burned down New London all those years ago...?" Captain Penny Dreadful at the end of Here Comes The Sun

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