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Items are objects that the player can obtain as rewards from battles, purchase from shops, find in ranger caches, or other means. Some of them are usable in and/or out of battle.


Name Examples Description
Resources Item Metal.png Item Plastic.png Item Old Book.png Consumable items used to purchase other items at shops.
Tapes Item Basic Tape.png Item Chrome Tape.png Item Water-Filled Tape.png Consumable items used to record monsters in order to be able to transform into them.
Healing Item Rewind.png Item Respool.png Consumable items used to restore health or repair damaged tapes.
Cures Item Poison Cure.png Item Burn Cure.png Item Sleep Cure.png Consumable items used to heal status conditions.
Coffee Item Canned Ice Latte.png Item Americano-To-Go.png Item Espresso Express.png Consumable items used to provide additional AP during battle.
Pear Fusilli Item Pear Fusilli.png Consumable item used to restore the player's fusion meter.
Reodorant Item Reodorant.png Consumable item used to repel monsters for one minute.
Smoke Bomb Item Smoke Bomb.png Consumable item used to guarantee a successful escape from a wild monster.
Olive-Up! Item Olive Up.png Consumable item used to level up the player or a partner character.
Upgrape Item Upgrape.png Consumable item used to increase the grade of a monster tape.
Ritual Candle Item Ritual Candle.png Consumable item used to expend a monster in the player's possession in exchange for a guaranteed bootleg in their next Rogue Fusion encounter.
Miscellaneous items Item Fusion Radar.png Important items that serve special purposes (ex. progress quests, upgrade player abilities, etc.).

Consumables ResourcesTapesHealingCuresCoffeePear FusilliReodorantsSmoke BombsOlive-Up!UpgrapeRitual Candle
Misc Fusion RadarOthers
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