Harbourtown Station

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Harbourtown Station
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Harbourtown Station is a Mer-Line station located in Upper Path. It contains the archangel Morgante. It is the first station the player encounters; they first visit it with Kayleigh it during This Is The World We Live In.


Early game

Main article: Morgante

The player encounters their first Archangel, Morgante here.


In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 港口镇站
French Gare de Port-la-Ville
German Bahnhof Hafenstadt
Italian Stazione di Harbourtown
Japanese ハーバータウン駅
Korean 항구촌역
Portuguese Estação de Vilancoradouro
Spanish (Spain) Estación de Villapuerto
Spanish (Latin America) Estación de Villapuerto
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