The Titania Shipwreck

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The Titania Shipwreck
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The shipwreck of the Titania is located in Cast Iron Shore. Viola goes there looking for her brother Sebastian as part of her quest Everybody's Looking for Something.


The Titania is a ship that was transported from another world and wrecked on the coast of New Wirral. It is not accessible to the player before they undertake the quest Everybody's Looking for Something, where they and Viola look there for the ghost of her brother Sebastian. However, it turns out that he is merely being impersonated by Robin Goodfellow.

Places of Interest

Bard Street Station

Main article: Bard Street Station

Bard Street Station is located on the lowest deck of the ship. This is where the player and Viola fight Robin Goodfellow.



Sprite Species Type Rate
Traffikrab - Overworld.png
Traffikrab #011 50.0 %
Faucetear - Overworld.png
Fountess #099 50.0 %


Species Type Rate
Traffikrab #011 25.0 %
Burnace #096 25.0 %
Fountess #099 25.0 %
Undyin #114 25.0 %


  • The ship is presumably named from a character from A Midsummer Night's Dream, Titania. In the play, Robin Goodfellow casts a curse on her, making her fall in love with the labourer Nick Bottom.

In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 提泰妮娅号船骸
French Épave du « Titania »
German Wrack der Titania
Italian Relitto del "Titania"
Japanese 難破船「ティターニア」号
Korean "타이타니아" 난파선
Portuguese Naufrágio do "Titânia"
Spanish (Spain) Naufragio del Titania
Spanish (Latin America) Naufragio del Titania
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