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Harbourtown is a town located on New Wirral, and is the most populated settlement on the island. It is one of the central locations in the game Cassette Beasts.


Harbourtown is a seaside town, divided between East Harbourtown and West Harbourtown by a bridge. The architecture in the town is a patchwork of buildings of different sizes and styles, reflecting its varied populace.

Places of Interest

Town Hall

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The Town Hall: This is a hub for the local townsfolk and Rangers. Here the player can:

Gramophone Café

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The Gramophone Café: The player can trade items with Clémence, and swap their active partner with another.

Ranger Noticeboard

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"For 101 years this town has stood. Did you know that?

I remember what this place looked like as a little girl. The town changes so much, so fast…

But the foundations, they have always stayed the same."

- Old woman in East Harbourtown

Harbourtown appears to have been established by the first castaways who arrived on New Wirral. It appears to have been populated for approximately a century before the player's arrival on New Wirral.

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