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Harbourtown is a town located on New Wirral, and is the most populated settlement on the island. It is one of the central locations in Cassette Beasts and is introduced near the start of the game by Kayleigh.


Harbourtown is a seaside town with a diverse populace, reflected by its patchwork of buildings with different sizes and styles of architecture. It is divided between East Harbourtown and West Harbourtown by a bridge, which is initially stuck in a raised position. An elevator to the upper end of town is inactive at first, but gets fixed after the tutorial sequence. A sundial located near the town’s center square gives a rough indication of the time in-game.

The citizens of Harbourtown are very talkative and may share Rumours with the player, often leading them to something of value. Their homes can be entered and may contain minor items or information, with most Partners having their own houses as well.

Places of Interest (East Harbourtown)

Notable locations east of the central bridge.

Town Hall

Main article: Town Hall
The Town hall in Eastern Harbourtown

The Town Hall: This is a hub for the local townsfolk and Rangers. Here the player can:

  • Trade Fused Material with Wilma for various items and upgrades
  • Improve their base stats at the Gym (Providing they have a Gym Pass)
  • Acquire stickers at the Vending Machine
  • Get information, quests and rewards from NPCs on certain occasions.

Gramophone Café

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The Gramophone Café in Eastern Harbourtown

The Gramophone Café: A social gathering place for townsfolk. Here the player can:

  • The player can trade items with Clémence
  • Rest and manage their party
  • Swap their active Partner with another.
  • Access the Mailbox

Player’s Room

Interior of the player's room in Eastern Harbourtown

A simple living space on the Café building’s 2nd floor where the Ranger Handbook is obtained and the This Is The World We Live In quest begins. Using the wardrobe opens the Character Creation editor with additional outfit options. The player can also access the Mailbox in their room.

Ranger Noticeboard

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This board outside of Town Hall is where tasks are posted for Rangers, such as supply runs, fighting wild monsters and testing trainees. The player gains access to the noticeboard after Part 4 of the Take Me On quest.

Harbourtown Hospital

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Exterior of the Harbourtown Hospital in Eastern Harbourtown

The town’s medical hospital run by Doctor Pensby where wounded patients are treated and can acquire medical supplies. The player awakens here if they are defeated in battle and may trade with Pensby for various medicinal items.

Sticker Merchants

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Three tents left of the center square contain merchants who sell Offensive, Supportive, and Passive Stickers at the cost of Pulp. Merchants’ stocks change every morning in-game and carry 5 stickers by default, up to 10 via upgrades from Wilma. Each sticker has a small chance of being an Uncommon or Rare version.

The Passive sticker merchant is initially unavailable. Inspecting their tent will begin the A Little Inspiration quest which, after completion, makes them return to their tent for business.


Eastern Harbourtown is involved with a bevy of quests including:

  • This Is The World We Live In: The first quest of the game, given and completed here with Kayleigh.
  • Rumour Has It: Gather rumours from any townsfolk with a ‘?’ above their heads.
  • A Little Inspiration: One of the sticker merchants is missing and must be found in the central cave of New Wirral Park.
  • Working Overtime: A Ranger by the east exit needs 300 Wood to build a welcome sign, using one of three designs of the player’s choice.
  • All I Ever Needed: Upon meeting Meredith in the Park, she awaits the player in her home at the lower-right corner of town.
  • How Does It Feel: The Tailor’s building just north of the Merchants will progress this quest after starting it from the Café,

Places of Interest (West Harbourtown)

Notable locations west of the central bridge. First accessible with Bulletino Dash by breaking through a boulder in Upper Path.

Bridge Controls

Two green switches nearby each other will lower the central bridge when pressed, allowing easy travel between both halves of Harbourtown.

Captain Skip

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Captain Skip is found across the water to the west of the town itself.

Heritage Center

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The Heritage Center (left) and Chemists' Store (right) buildings in West Harbourtown

A historical building filled with lore on New Wirral’s past.

Chemists' Store

Main article: Chemists' Store

A store beside the Heritage Center housing two sticker merchants. The left merchant sells Camouflage, Coating, and Wall stickers, while the right merchant sells many Typeless offensive stickers.

Bootleg House

The uppermost house has an NPC who educates the player on Bootleg Tapes and gives one to them for free. The type and species depends on the save file and is chosen from a list of 21 monsters:

Anxious Ranger

An elaborate house with a loot cache and Ranger NPC who asks the player to help decorate the town by growing saplings in 14 planters. They will receive the Planting the Seed quest and the Gardening Kit, which can place and replace a variety of plants around Harbourtown.


Western Harbourtown is involved in a few quests.

  • Don’t You Want Me: After meeting Felix in the Park, the player will come to his home at the lower-left corner of town a few times throughout the quest.
  • Planting The Seed: The player begins and concludes this quest inside the Anxious Ranger’s home.


"For 101 years this town has stood. Did you know that?

I remember what this place looked like as a little girl. The town changes so much, so fast…

But the foundations, they have always stayed the same."

- Old woman in East Harbourtown

Harbourtown appears to have been established by the first castaways who arrived on New Wirral. It appears to have been populated for approximately a century before the player's arrival on New Wirral.

In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 港口镇
French Port-la-Ville
German Hafenstadt
Italian Harbourtown
Japanese ハーバータウン
Korean 항구촌
Portuguese Vilancoradouro
Spanish (Spain) Villapuerto
Spanish (Latin America) Villapuerto
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