Cast Iron Shore

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Cast Iron Shore
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Cast Iron Shore is a coastal area containing The Titania Shipwreck and Bard Street Station. It is a foggy and stormy sea scattered with rusted metal detritus, along with magnetic blocks linked to ranger caches. Hostile Undyin hide beneath the surface and attack the player at random.

Places of Interest

The Titania Shipwreck

Main article: The Titania Shipwreck

The Titania Shipwreck is located in the north of the shore. Inside it is Robin Goodfellow and Bard Street Station.


Captive Monster



Sprite Species Type Rate
Undyin - Overworld.png
Undyin #114 100.0 %


Species Type Rate
Undyin #114 100.0 %

In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 铸铁海岸
French Côte de Fer
German Eisenufer
Italian Costa Ghisa
Japanese キャストアイアン海岸
Korean 무쇠 해안
Portuguese Orla do Ferro Fundido
Spanish (Spain) Costa del Hierro Fundido
Spanish (Latin America) Costa del Hierro Fundido
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