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Mourningtown is a fortified community that sits atop Autumn Hill. Kayleigh used to live there, and it is associated with her quest I Ran So Far Away.


Mourningtown from the outside.

Mourningtown used to be a relatively normal settlement with a few communal lifestyle practices, but under the leadership of Dorian, it gradually transformed into the heavily fortified outpost it is now. From inside it, Dorian leads an apocalyptic cult based around summoning the archangel Mourningstar, whom he refers to as the Serpent God. Mourningtown's citizens have been taught to become very distrustful of outsiders, attacking them on sight, and refusing to let anyone inside.

Places of Interest

Mourningstar Crescent Station

Located on the far side of Mourningtown is lies this station's true entrance to Platform B, and was excavated by the cultists under Dorian's orders.

Cultist merchant

After completing I Ran So Far Away, one of the cultists will set up shop near the well. They sell resources, tapes, and stickers in exchange for Item Wheat.png Wheat. These costs are affected by the "Merchant's Guild Membership" upgrade from Wilma at Town Hall.

Icon Name Cost
Item Wood.png Wood 3 Item Wheat.png Wheat
Item Plastic.png Plastic 5 Item Wheat.png Wheat
Item Metal.png Metal 25 Item Wheat.png Wheat
Item Basic Tape.png Basic Tape 50 Item Wheat.png Wheat
Item Old Book.png Old Book 500 Item Wheat.png Wheat

The cultist merchant also sells 2 random stickers that have either the "wood" or "charity" tags, which have a slight chance of being Uncommon or Rare versions. Stickers in stock change every in-game day, being sold at the following prices by default:

Move Type Price
AP Donate 100 Item Wheat.png Wheat
AP Factory 550 Item Wheat.png Wheat
Nurse 300 Item Wheat.png Wheat
Treat 100 Item Wheat.png Wheat
Plant Resistance 550 Item Wheat.png Wheat
Splinter 550 Item Wheat.png Wheat
Woodcutter 200 Item Wheat.png Wheat


Keen-eyed Cultist
Worried Cultist
Introspective Cultist
Disgruntled Cultist


Main article: Mourningstar

Mourningstar is fightable from the back of the town. Initially, it must be fought with Kayleigh as part of her quest I Ran So Far Away.

In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 殁宁屯
French Villedeuil
German Morbidstadt
Italian Borgo Cordoglio
Japanese トムライタウン
Korean 애도촌
Portuguese Vilaluz
Spanish (Spain) Valdellanto
Spanish (Latin America) Villallanto
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