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Power Station
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Power Station is a Mer-Line station located in Dino Quarry. It contains the archangel Helia. The station becomes accessible during the Here Comes The Sun quest in the post-game. It is the only station without any train platforms or a Fast Travel point.


The player is met by Ranger Captain Penny Dreadful upon entering the station, who joins you in battle against a Giga Anathema fusion (two Anathemas fused). Penny will rest by a switch afterwards while the player explores the room, which includes six journals full of lore and a lever beside each one. One Radiation Breath and Cold Fusion sticker can be found among the metal drawers.

Activating all six levers and touching the switch beside Penny causes her to warn the player, asking if they are ready to proceed. Doing so creates a large discharge of energy in which Helia appears and engages the player.

Penny Dreadful (Ally)
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Djinn Entonic



Main article: Helia

As part of the quest Here Comes The Sun, the player learns about Helia and her history in the station, and then can fight her. Penny Dreadful will aid the player in this battle as well.


10/10/1957 0400
Stayed up all night with Dr Aegle and Dr Aetheria, designing new experiments to run in the fusion reactor. We really got into the flow of it and lost track of time - for a while it felt like we were one singular entity focused on the reactor!

10/10/1957 0515
Something odd is going on in the reactor - the temperature in the core keeps rising! We've turned on the cooling fans to increase airflow, but it hasn't helped! If this keeps up, we're toast, literally!

10/10/1957 0700
A being calling itself 'Helia' emerged from the reactor! The thermocouples immediately registered a drop in the core temperature, so... I think it's safe again now? 'Helia' looks sort of like a diagram of a helium atom, with the two rings representing electron orbits...

10/10/1957 0730
'Helia' tells us that we somehow created her, or summoned her? She's now explaining how to make our reactor workable. And afterwards she wants to talk to us about other kinds of fusion... What other kinds?!

11/10/1957 0305
We followed Helia's suggestions to combine Folklord, Masquerattle, Manispear, and REDACTED, which the Ministry of Supply sourced for us from a local zoo. Helia seems dissatisfied with the result - was this not what she wanted? Are we supposed to have used live beasts?

11/10/1957 0800
What have we done!? The unstable fusion is out of control! It keeps duplicating!! The ministry has sealed the building to keep it in, and I'm stuck inside! Mer-Line help me!



Sprite Species Type Rate
Faucetear - Overworld.png
Fountess #099 100.0 %


Species Type Rate
Fountess #099 5.9 %
Khepri #116 47.1 %
Anathema #120 47.1 %

In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 发电站
French Centrale
German Kraftwerk
Italian Centrale elettrica
Japanese 発電所
Korean 발전소
Portuguese Usina Elétrica
Spanish (Spain) Central energética
Spanish (Latin America) Central energética
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