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This is an article about The Mer-Line as a character. For a list of the Mer-Line stations, see Mer-Line station.

The Mer-Line #A17
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The Mer-Line is an Archangel that takes the form of a vast underground network of stations and railways sitting below New Wirral. They are an ancient and powerful entity, rarely deigning to interact with their inhabitants, instead using their emissary, Magikrab. They are not fought against in the game, instead serving as both a way to quickly get around the island and a place that various Archangels lurk.

Ingame Bio

The railway system beneath New Wirral is in fact the Mer-Line, an ancient and unknowable "Archangel" that takes the form of an infinite labyrinth of tunnels and trains.

The Mer-Line's power to rend space and time led vast amounts of debris to collect on its massive form, eventually forming the island of New Wirral. Since then, the Mer-Line has been using its power to populate the island with both man and monster. They seem to believe they have a good reason for doing this.


In addition to being an extremely powerful and ancient Archangel, the Mer-Line serves as both the means of fast travel in the game and as its boss dungeons. Almost every Archangel resides in a new Mer-Line station that the player can discover.

After the main story is completed, the player discovers via the Here Comes The Sun quest that the Mer-Line is also responsible for New Wirral as a whole, bringing together the various creatures and people on the island and doing to them as they wish.


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Name Origin and Design

Mer-line logo.png

The Mer-Line's name is like a pun on "Merlin", a mage from Arthurian legend, and the concept of train lines.

The design of Mer-Line's logo is likely a reference to the logo of the London Underground.

In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 梅林线
French Mer-Ligne
German Die Mer-Linie
Italian La MerLinea
Japanese マー・ライン
Korean 멀라인
Portuguese Merlinha
Spanish (Spain) La Merlínea
Spanish (Latin America) La Merlínea


  1. "I am Magikrab, indentured servant to the infinite Mer-Line: long may Their trains run on time! To dwell amongst Their hallowed halls is a privilege too grand for me to convey. To serve Their passengers is the least I can do." - Magikrab

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