Night's Bridge Station

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Night's Bridge Station
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Night's Bridge Station is the final Mer-Line station in the main story of the game. Its exact location is randomly decided, and it can only be accessed after following a randomly generated set of clues given by Land of Confusion. It has a distinct aesthetic compared to the other stations, with a white-and-blue colour palette.



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To access the station, the player must perform the instructions in Morgante's song, which is obtained by completing Land of Confusion. Technically, the station can be opened before the actions to do so are revealed in-game, but both the location of the station entrance and the action the player must perform to open it are randomised.


Action Lyric
Carry a stone to the location Come here with a stone in hand, and place now in front of thee
Carry a crate to the location Come here with a crate in hand, and place now in front of thee
Use the Bulletino Dash ability At the place you must now stand, run with flames surrounding thee
Use the Electromagnetism ability Harness lightning where you stand, the path will open up to thee
Look in all four directions At the place you must now stand, and face four directions around thee
Stand for 30 seconds at night For half a minute you must stand, at night the path opens for thee
Click to view the map 3 times Take thy trusted map in hand, and read it thrice - one, two, and three
Jump 3 times Leap three times where you now stand, the path will open up to thee
Dispose of 3 items Three possessions must now leave your hand, the choice is yours but must be three


Location Lyrics
Next to a dead tree in Cherry Meadow A lone dead tree is in this land, beneath its branches you must be
At the end of the waterfall underneath Mt. Wirral A river that flows through this land, its source is where you now must be
In a puddle in Lost Hearts Graveyard A pool of water on the land, near stones and graves where you must be
At a dirt patch to the left of the gateway to Cast Iron Shore Near a building on this land, there lies a log where you must be
Behind the Ranger Station at New Wirral Park A lone house towers in this land, in its shadow you must be
At the altar in Eastham Woods An altar of stone in this land, atop it is where you must be
Just below the Landkeeper office in Eastham Woods Three lights stand apart in this land, between them is where you must be
On top of the roof of Falldown Mall This temple of commerce once grand, atop its roof you must now be
On the tree stump inbetween New Wirral Park and Eastham Woods A tree stump stands in a lush land, between two walls where you must be
In the top-right broken house in New London A house stood once here in this land, now in its ruin you must be
At the altar on Autumn Hill An altar of fire in this land, atop it is where you must be
Behind the tree stump to the top right of Autumn Hill A tree stump stands in wooded land, atop it is where you must be


This station is comprised of a grandiose walkway out of the mirror, a main lobby and two vast rooms off to the right and left. Platform B is sealed off, and is opened by inserting an "Azure Keystone" item into two nearby sword statues. Each side path contains one Keystone that is guarded by a difficult Rogue Fusion. After Platform B, is opened, approaching gives players a warning asking if they are ready to proceed towards Aleph.

The mirror to Night's Bridge Station cannot be entered if your Partner does not have Relationship levels. Trying to fast travel inside with them will automatically set Kayleigh as your partner.

Right Room

Narrow walkways with monsters and green switches span across this room. Most switches raise platforms while one spins a clock for reaching a notably tricky loot cache. The player battles Kingnyx (Kingrave and Queenyx fused) at the far southeast end to claim an Azure Keystone

Left Room

This room is similar in appearance, though with magnetic floor switches and some one-way platforming with Glide. A magnetic block at the far end will be used on the swtiches to raise platforms. Backtrack with the cube to the first switch and power it to proceed, where a large coffin will be found.

Upon the cutscene ending, the player may climb the nearby stairs and battle Smogtess (Smogmagog and Fountess fused) for an Azure Keystone.




Sprite Species Type Rate
Queenyx - Overworld.png
Queenyx #095 50.0 %
Faucetear - Overworld.png
Fountess #099 50.0 %


Species Type Rate
Queenyx #095 25.0 %
Smogmagog #097 25.0 %
Fountess #099 25.0 %
Djinn Entonic.png
Djinn Entonic #112 25.0 %


Name Origin

Night's Bridge Station is named after the real world Knightsbridge station on the London Underground.


  • Even in customized games with "Randomize Monsters" enabled, the Rogue Fusions fought will always be Kingnyx and Smogtess.

In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 夜之桥站
French Gare de Terminox
German Bahnhof Nachtbrück
Italian Stazione di Night's Bridge
Japanese ナイトブリッジ駅
Korean 밤다리역
Portuguese Estação Ponte Noturna
Spanish (Spain) Estación de Puente de la Noche
Spanish (Latin America) Estación de Puente de la Noche
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