Mournington Crescent Station

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Mournington Crescent Station
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Mournington Crescent Station is a Mer-Line station located in Autumn Hill, containing the archangel Mourningstar. Unlike the other stations, Platform A is not accessed by an underground dungeon; it is adjacent to Mourningtown and directly accessible from the overworld. Platform B and its archangel are found beneath the town during the quest I Ran So Far Away, and cannot be fast traveled to.


Name Origin

Mournington Crescent Station is named after the real world Mornington Crescent Station on the London Underground.

In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 殁宁屯新月站
French Gare de Villedeuil
German Bahnhof Morbidstadt
Italian Stazione di Corso Cordoglio
Japanese トムライトン・クレセント駅
Korean 애도촌 초승달역
Portuguese Estação Crescente Luminoso
Spanish (Spain) Estación de Llanto Creciente
Spanish (Latin America) Estación de Llanto Creciente
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