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Babelith #A11
Tower of Ignorance
Incarnation ofIgnorance

Babelith is an Archangel that takes the form of a crude drawing of a tower. It believes ignorance is supreme and loves bad jokes.

Ingame Bio

Babelith dwells in a station atop Mt. Wirral, from which it yells its incoherent ramblings that remain unheard by almost everyone.

The incarnation of ignorance, Babelith was born from mankind's uncanny ability to reject truth out of fear, discomfort, and ego.


Can be found and fought in Icelington Station.


Babelith uses Bad Joke almost every turn consecutively with at least one other attack.


Special Moves


Main article: Babelith/Dialogue


Name Origin

Babelith's name may be a portmanteau of "Babel" and "monolith," where Babel is referring to the Tower of Babel, a biblical origin as to why people speak different languages.

In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 巴别利斯
French Babelith
German Babelith
Italian Babelith
Japanese バベリス
Korean 바벨리스
Portuguese Babelite
Spanish (Spain) Babelith
Spanish (Latin America) Babelith

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