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A Plant-type Squirey bootleg. It can be distinguished from a normal Squirey by its green hue.

Bootlegs are extremely rare versions of monsters that have a different type, moveset, and colour scheme from normal. In battle, they appear with a red name.


On the overworld, bootlegs have a glitchy effect. However, bootlegs can also be the secondary member of an enemy team, in which case they cannot be seen from the overworld. In battle, bootlegs have a red name and differently coloured sprites.

The Glitter type is exclusively found on bootlegs; outside of type-changing moves in battle, it never appears on non-bootleg monsters. Bootlegs can be of the same type as the base monster, in which case a different colour scheme is used to differentiate them.


By default, bootlegs have a chance of 1/1000 (0.1%). Rogue fusions have a chance of 1/50 (2%) to include a bootleg, and fusion swarms have a 1/10 (10%) chance to include one. Other static encounters always have a 2% rate.[1]

Bootlegs also have a higher chance of receiving sticker attributes as they are upgraded.

Ritual Candle

Once Part 4 of the quest Take Me On is completed, the player can use the Ritual Candle item to expend a monster in their possession in exchange for a guaranteed bootleg in their next Rogue Fusion encounter. This bootleg will either be the same species or have the same type as the original.

Guaranteed Bootlegs

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