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Critical hits can happen when using an attacking move at random. The critical hit chance defaults to 1/16 but this is also affected by sticker attributes and the Hit chance.

General Formula

The game randomly generates a number between 0 (inclusive) and 1 (exclusive), and if this number is less than , the move becomes a critical hit.

  • is 1/16 (6.25%) for all moves currently in the game.
  • accounts for the +% Critical chance and +% Critical chance per empty slot attributes of the sticker used and is additive.
  • The Hit chance only influences the critical hit rate if it is greater than 1, which happens when the attacker has boosted accuracy or if the defender has lowered evasion.

For example,

  • A monster tape using Smack with +10% Critical chance: or a 16.25% chance to land a critical hit.
  • A monster tape with the Gambit status effect using Spit: (200%) so or a 12.5% chance to be a critical hit, which is double the base critical hit chance.
  • A target with the Evasion Nullified status getting hit with Energy Shot: the target's evasion is set to 1 (1%), so (10,000%) meaning it is guaranteed to be a critical hit since
    • With only this status effect in play, any attack with 16% accuracy or above will always land a critical hit on a target with Evasion Nullified.
  • A monster tape with the Accuracy Down and Unitarget status effects using Wallop: Due to the status effects present, the attacker's accuracy drops to 67 due to Accuracy Down (which is a multiplier of 4/(4+2) = 2/3), while the move's accuracy gets halved due to Unitarget. (33.5%) which is lower than 1 (100%), so the critical hit chance is unaffected.


Landing a critical hit results in more damage dealt. The default damage multiplier is 1.5, which is added by the +x% Critical damage and +x% Critical damage per empty slot attributes present in the sticker used, if present. The Critical hit on type advantage attribute guarantees a critical hit if the attack's type has an advantage over the target's type.

Move interactions

Critical AP grants 1 additional AP immediately after landing a critical hit.

Critical Mass has a chance to trigger the move immediately below it whenever a critical hit is landed.

Critical hits bypass the effects of resistance stickers such as Beast Resistance and Hardback.

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