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The Plastic type applies to monsters whose bodies partially consist of artifical plastic materials.

Type Match-Ups[edit source]

Attacking[edit source]

× DebuffStatus AP Drain.png AP Drain ×3(Distracted)
× BuffStatus Evasion Up.png Evasion Up ×3(Smoke)
× TransmutationStatus Plastic Coating.png Plastic Coating ×3(Sparkly)
× DebuffStatus Unitarget.png Unitarget ×3(Insulated)

Defending[edit source]

× DebuffStatus Evasion Down.png Evasion Down ×3, Status Speed Down.png Speed Down ×3(Buried)
× TransmutationStatus Poison Coating.png Poison Coating ×3(Melted)
× TransmutationStatus Glitter Coating.png Glitter Coating ×3(Sparkly)
× BuffStatus Contact Dmg Lightning.png Contact Dmg Lightning ×3(Static)

Species[edit source]


Moves[edit source]

MoveTypeCategoryPowerAccuracyUse Cost
Brick Blast Ranged Attack 40 100% 4 AP
Clockwork Mouse Melee Attack 120 100% 5 AP
Plastic Camouflage Status Effect 100% 2 AP
Plastic Coating Status Effect 100% 2 AP
Plastic Knife Melee Attack 40 100% 3 AP
Plastic Resistance Miscellaneous 100% Passive
Plastic Wall Status Effect 100% 2 AP
Recycle Miscellaneous 100% 0 AP
Spring-Load Status Effect Unavoidable Passive
Suction Cup Dart Ranged Attack 120 75% 4 AP
Toy Hammer Melee Attack 60 100% 2 AP
Traffic Jam Status Effect Unavoidable 2 AP