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Voice actorCory Yee

Codey is a Ranger Captain featured in Cassette Beasts. He can be found in the eastern area of Mt. Wirral.


Codey is a ranger captain who specializes in technology and bootleg cassettes.[1][2][3][4] He tends to be arrogant, often bragging about being very strong in battle.[5] Codey is also somewhat of a sore loser.[6][7]


Before arriving in New Wirral, Codey was a hacker, having hacked websites, video games, and government servers.[1]

While in New Wirral, Codey figured out a way to hack monster tapes, allowing him to turn normal monster tapes into bootlegs.[2][3][4]

During Take Me On, the player fights Codey in order to get his stamp for the ranger trainee card.


Codey can be found and battled at the far southeastern map tile on Mt. Wirral. The player receives stamp #12 and a non-common Glitter Bomb sticker for winning.

First encounter

Codey Ranger


Codey Ranger
Can fuse


Codey mainly focuses on using a Glitter Bomb Resonance combo. He uses Glitter Bomb to turn your monsters into Glitter type, uses a Glass type move like Crystal Lens to make them Glass type, and follows up with Air type moves to increment their resonance count and defeat them.


Most of Codey’s tapes now have Echolocation, making his Resonance tactic far more efficient in this rematch. Aeroboros adds some ranged bulk to Codey’s team and is able to use New Leaf to erase any of its status conditions.


Name and Design Origin

Codey's name is a nickname that he picked himself. He gave himself that name because he used to code before arriving in New Wirral.[1]

Codey's glove is likely a reference to the Power Glove.


  • Codey mentions that there is no wifi in New Wirral.[8]
  • Codey's entire team in both fights against him are bootlegs.
    • Codey is the only ranger captain who uses bootlegs on their team in their first battle against the player.
  • Codey regrets not having chosen a cooler nickname for himself.[9]

In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 马侬队长
French Capitaine Codey
German Captain Codey
Italian Capitano Codey
Japanese キャプテン・コーディー
Korean 순찰대장 코디
Portuguese Comandante Codi
Spanish (Spain) Guarda de élite Codi
Spanish (Latin America) Guarda mayor Codi


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