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Experience is something that characters and monsters gain upon winning a battle or completing a quest. Gaining enough experience points can cause characters to increase in level, partners to increase in relationship level, and monsters to increase in grade.

Experience Sources


When winning a battle, an amount of experience points in earned based on the level, monster form experience yield, and character experience yield of each defeated enemy.

How many experience points a given enemy yields when defeated is determined by the following formulas:

  • : Level of the defeated enemy.
  • : Experience yield of the monster species defeated (typically 40).
  • : Experience yield of the defeated character (80 for wild monster battles).

For example, Pawndead has a of 40. So defeating two wild Pawndead that are both at level 39 will yield = 322 experience points each, for a total of 644 experience points.

Experience yield wild monsters.png


Fusions will yield experience both when they are unfused and when each of the individual monsters are defeated. When unfused, they will yield the sum of the experience points the two enemies would yield on defeat.

For example, if you defeat a fusion of Squirey and Dominoth (Squirenoth) at level 102, it will yield experience points when unfusing and the Squirey and Dominoth will both yield an additional experience points for a total of 5184 experience points.

Experience yield fusions.png


Most archangels have a of 300 and a of 200.

Experience yield archangels.png


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Other Mechanics

Using a move with the +x% Experience attribute will increase the total experience by the specified percentage whenever the move is used. The experience received is given to the entire party, both character and tape, regardless of participation, health, or number of tapes present. For example, upon clearing a battle that rewards 500 experience, both the player and partner (regardless of health) will receive at least that amount, and all tapes in the party (including broken tapes) will receive 500 experience. However, monster tapes will usually only level up once (rarely twice) in a single battle, and any excess experience will be significantly diminished.

Character Levels

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The amount of experience needed to hit a certain level is just the cube of the level:

If the player is of a higher level compared to the current Partner, the partner will receive boosted experience, which is either double the experience gained or the amount needed to match the player's total experience, whichever is lower. The experience they gain also contributes to their Relationship. All unlocked non-active partners will receive half of the received experience.

Monster Grades

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Even though monster tape grades only show up to five stars (and all associated effect such as the Stat boost only account for up to 5 stars), they can continue getting experience, and any additional level up past that will generate a random sticker from its move pool.

Prior to version 1.6, tapes can have a grade of 6 or higher even though the tape only displays 5 stars, and as this grade goes higher, more experience is required to hit the next grade. For example, getting from a grade of 5 to 6 (both 5 stars) requires more experience than leveling from grade 4 (4 stars) to 5 (5 stars). Starting in version 1.6, the amount of experience needed for a tape at 5 stars to level up is now the same regardless of how many times it has been leveled up before.

The amount of experience needed to reach a certain grade is given by

where both (level gradient) and (base level) are species-specific parameters that alter the shape of this curve. There are generally six classes of experience curves, each one associated with a pair of values:

  • , : for the first of a 3-form remaster sequence, like Carniviper
  • , : for the second of a 3-form remaster sequence, like Masquerattle
  • , : for the last of a 3-form remaster sequence, like Jormungold
  • , : for the first of a 2-form remaster sequence, like Pombomb
  • , : for the last of a 2-form remaster sequence, like Spitzfyre
  • , : for monsters that don't remaster, like Jellyton

For the three classes of curves associated with fully remastered species or monsters that don't remaster, they all require the same experience to hit 5 stars, at 74088 experience. Once at 5 stars, the amount of experience needed to level up again is simply .

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