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Fleeing is the mechanic of running away from encounters.

In most battles, both the player and partner have the option to Flee from the encounter, with the probability of success shown when selecting the Flee option. If successful, it will end the encounter without awarding any Experience. This cannot be done on battles against human NPCs, Archangels, certain quest-related battles, and wild monsters in Aldgrave Tomb Station, and the flee chance is set to 0% for those encounters. However, if a fleeing attempt fails, or if the Flee option is chosen during an encounter where it is disabled, the player is given the option to warp back to Harbourtown at the cost of losing some items.

The Smoke Bomb is a consumable item that allows the player to flee with 100% success, but will only work if fleeing is enabled for that encounter.

If the encounter came from a wild overworld monster, fleeing will despawn this encounter. Fleeing will not clear the Rogue Fusion unless the player flees after breaking the fusion. Similarly, fleeing will not clear the Static encounter unless the main monster itself is defeated; if the main monster was defeated but the backup is still alive, the encounter has already been registered as cleared so fleeing will result in the static encounter disappearing.

General Formula

In wild encounters, the chance of fleeing is influenced by the player team's total speed and evasion minus the enemy team's total speed and accuracy, ignoring any opponent with the Ghostly status effect in the calculation. Mathematically, if we let this quantity be , then

By default, Evasion and Accuracy stats are set to 100.

The default flee rate is 75%, when both teams have the same total sum, i.e. . If the player team has a higher total value (like for instance being faster), and the flee rate is increased. If, on the other hand the enemy team has a higher total value, and consequently the flee chance is lowered. The flee chance (which ranges from 0 to 1, though values higher than 1 are possible) is given by

When attempting a flee, the game generates a random value from 0 to 1 and, if this is smaller than , the attempt is successful.

Flee Chance Plot.png

If , it is set to 0. At the lower end, if (meaning the opponent's total score is 150 or higher compared to the player team's score), the flee rate is 0%. On the other hand, if , then fleeing will always be successful.

Forced Fleeing

In the event that a flee attempt is unsuccessful, an option is given to fast travel back to Gramophone Café, at the cost of losing a random amount of each item under the Resources category, anywhere from 1 piece up to 10% of the item's total amount. This affects the following items:

  • Skelly Jelly Item Skelly Jelly.png
  • Metal Item Metal.png
  • Old Book Item Old Book.png
  • Plastic Item Plastic.png
  • Pulp Item Pulp.png
  • Wheat Item Wheat.png
  • Wood Item Wood.png

Choosing not to warp back will instead end the character's turn.

This mechanic is disabled when fast travel to Gramophone Café is disabled, which happens during This Is The World We Live In. When fighting against Morgante for the first time, even though the Flee option can be selected, the player will not be able to flee, or warp.

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