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Slots are the number of stickers that can be placed onto a monster tape at a given time. This is typically determined by the monster's species and grade, but can also be increased by the "+1 Slot" sticker attribute. The maximum number of slots a monster tape can have is 16.


Each monster species has a base number of slots, and upon reaching particular grades the monster will gain an additional slot (up to a maximum of 8 natural slots).

The particular grade at which the monster's number of slots increases varies from species to species. For example:

  • Sparktan has a base of 6 slots, upon reaching grade 1 it gains a 7th slot.
  • Tokusect has a base of 6 slots, upon reaching grade 1 it gains a 7th slot, and upon reaching grade 2 it gains an 8th slot.
  • Stardigrade has a base of 4 slots, and gains additional slots at grades 1, 2, 4, and 5 (for a total of 8).
  • Scubalrus has a base of 6 slots, but does not gain any additional slots, even when reaching grade 5.

Monsters can also be equipped with stickers that have the "+1 Slot" attribute, which will increase the number of slots that the monster has (as long as that sticker stays equipped). If a monster has enough stickers with the "+1 Slot" attribute equipped to go above 16 slots, they will cap out at 16 slots.


  • As of version 1.5, Scubalrus is the only monster species without a remaster that cannot get 8 sticker slots (being able to only get a maximum of 6).

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