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The Ranger Noticeboard is a noticeboard in Harbourtown in front of the Town Hall where the player can take on ranger quests as a part of the post-game after completing part 4 of the quest Take Me On.

Fused Material Collection

The player can obtain rewards from Ianthe for collecting certain amounts of Fused Material. The level-up will occur once the player has reached the required number of Fused Material and has completed all of the quests listed on the noticeboard.

Level-up # Required Requirements Reward
1 → 2 15 Item Fused Material.png Complete part 4 of Take Me On Item Fusion Radar.png Fusion Radar
2 → 3 50 Item Fused Material.png Defeat Aleph Null Unlocks Unstable Fusions and noticeboard quest
3 → 4 100 Item Fused Material.png - Unlocks Here Comes The Sun
4 → 5 120 Item Fused Material.png Complete Here Comes The Sun Obtain bootleg of starter the player did not choose
5 → 6 150 Item Fused Material.png - Unlocks Orb Fusions
6 → 7+ 150 Item Fused Material.png - Several Item rewards (see below)

Item Reward pool

Noticeboard level-ups to 7 and beyond will grant players some rare items and a sizable amount of other supplies picked from the tables below. The amount of fused material needed to complete the noticeboard level affects the quantity of items received from the “Common” table.


Item Count
Item Optical Laser Tape.png Optical Laser Tape (Always) 1
Non-common Stickers (Always) 2
Item Olive Up.png Olive-Up! 2-3
Item Upgrape.png Upgrape 2-3


The distribution of common rewards is wildly varied. Sometimes there is a wide spread of items, while other times there is an absurd amount of a single item, such as 130+ Tapes

Item Metal.png Metal
Item Plastic.png Plastic
Item Old Book.png Old Book
Random tapes*

* Basic Tape, Chrome Tape, and/or elemental tapes


A random list of brief quests are posted on the noticeboard three at a time, each usually awarding a Fused Material, Experience and common resources. Checking the board again after finishing all quests will clear them and create a new list of quests.


These quests introduce and develop some additional characters through a series of brief encounters. They are obtainable a limited number of times, appearing on the board often and early in the post-game.

Name Description Unlocked
Recruit Training: Frankie A questline involving Frankie, a recent arrival on New Wirral yearning to join the rangers. You give her a monster tape to start with and team up in battles of rising difficulty. On the fifth quest, Frankie will challenge the player for their captain’s Stamp with a full team. Defeat the final boss
Supply Thief A questline involving Vin, a young man who robs Ranger supplies and hides out somewhere, battling the player 1-on-1 without partners when approached. On the fourth quest, Vin is found felled by a Rogue Fusion which the player must defeat to save him. Defeat Mourningstar
Recruit Training: Vin Having renounced his thieving ways, Vin seeks to redeem himself through joining the Rangers, battling the player 1v1 for their Stamp with a stronger team. 4th "Supply Thief" quest

General Quests

General quests assign a wide variety of tasks to the player, whether it be routine work for the rangers or involvement with familiar NPCs. These are infinitely repeatable so long as any requirements are met.

Name Description Unlocked
Monster Bounty Player must defeat a certain monster species enough times in the wild. (Though the quest description highlights one area, battles in any of the monster’s habitats will count) -
Fusion Bounty Player must defeat a certain number of Rogue Fusions to clear the quest. Swarms and special fusion types will also count. -
Unstable Fusion A new Unstable Fusion appears in the world for the player to defeat. Unlike others on the radar, this fusion does not change position over time. Reach Board Level 3
Lost and Found Player must retrieve a unique item dropped at a location by the client, then return it to the client at a second location. -
Supply Delivery Player must deliver the requested items to the NPC at a location. Items are often Cures, Coffee or other common resources. -
Parcel Delivery Player is given a “Parcel” item and must simply deliver it to a Ranger scout NPC at a specified location. -
Special Delivery Player is given an “Aid Package” item and must simply deliver it to an NPC by the entrance of Mourningtown. Defeat Mourningstar
Hoylake's Request Players must unlock the 5-star Bestiary entry for a certain monster species, then report to Hoylake at the Town Hall. -
Hoylake's Request (2) Players must record a fusion in their Bestiary using two specified tapes, then report back to Hoylake at the Town Hall. -
Hoylake's Assistant Players must have a specific monster tape in their party to battle Dr. Kirby and his partner at a location, whose team is based on the required tape. Kirby can fuse and his team may sometimes include Bootleg tapes.
Recruit Training The player is challenged for their stamp by a Trainee and their partner at a location with a randomized team of 4-6 tapes. They are able to fuse and can utilize any species marked “seen” in the Bestiary. Frankie and Vin's ‘’Sidestories’’
Friendly Battle Frankie and Vin partner up for a casual battle against the player at a location. They are able to fuse and their team expands each time this quest is cleared, up to a point. Frankie and Vin’s ‘’Sidestories’’

Fused Material bonuses

Upon clearing the Noticeboard of ranger quests, a brief text appears before new quests are loaded, stating a character “found bonus Fused Material!” The amount is random but the maximum yield is determined by the mentioned character.

  • Ianthe: always only 1
  • Kayleigh: 2-4
  • Any of the Ranger Captains: initially 1-2, but the maximum yield can go up to 6 based on the number of times they have been defeated
  • Frankie or Vin (After finishing their sidestories): initially 1-2, but the maximum yield can go up to 12 based on the number of times they have been defeated
  • Dr. Kirby (After completing Hoylake's Assistant at least once): initially 1-2, but the maximum yield can go up to 12 based on the number of times they have been defeated


  • Material bonuses and new quests are randomized ‘on-the-spot’ when given. If the player wishes, they may save before clearing the board and exit/reload their file to get a different result.
  • Recruit Training quests are great for farming Item Upgrape.png Upgrapes, awarding upwards of 10 per battle at high enough levels.

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