Static encounter

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Static encounters are events where a monster or fusion appears in the overworld and can be interacted with in order to battle it.


The locations where static encounters can appear are all set, and when a new random encounter spawns it will spawn in a random static encounter location that meets all of the spawn's criteria.

  • Obscured - Areas where view of the encounter is obscured.
  • Interior - Areas that are inside (ex. caves).

Static encounters are all de-spawned at the end of each in-game day.

List of Static Encounters


Image Name Requirement Required Disallowed
Averevoir Seen an Averevoir (ex. during Come Back and Stay) - Obscured
Glaistain static encounter.png Glaistain Seen a Glaistain (ex. in Glaistainbury Abbey) - -
Miss Mimic Player at least level 50 - -
Miss Mimic (fusion) Player at least level 65, and seen a Miss Mimic - -
Picksie Met the Picksie in Marshland Caves Interior -
Rogue fusion static encounter.png Rogue Fusion - - -
Fusion Swarm - - Interior
Flood poison.png Flood (water, poison, fire) - - -
Black Shuck.png Black Shuck - - Obscured,