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The Plant type applies to plant-like and wooden monsters.

Type Match-Ups[edit source]

Attacking[edit source]

× DebuffStatus Leeched.png Leeched ×3(Seeded)
× BuffStatus Evasion Up.png Evasion Up ×3(Smoke)
× TransmutationStatus Plant Coating.png Plant Coating ×3(Sparkly)
× DebuffStatus Unitarget.png Unitarget ×3(Grounded)
× BuffStatus Melee Attack Up.png Melee Attack Up ×3, Status Ranged Attack Up.png Ranged Attack Up ×3(Potentiated)
× DebuffStatus Leeched.png Leeched ×3(Sapped)

Defending[edit source]

× DebuffStatus AP Drain.png AP Drain ×3(Uprooted)
× DebuffStatus Burned.png Burned ×3(Ignited)
× TransmutationStatus Glitter Coating.png Glitter Coating ×3(Sparkly)
× DebuffStatus Poisoned.png Poisoned ×3(Absorbed)
× BuffStatus Healing Leaf.png Healing Leaf ×3(Absorbed)

Species[edit source]


Moves[edit source]

MoveTypeCategoryPowerAccuracyUse Cost
Acorn Mortar Ranged Attack 100 75% 3 AP
Bushfire Status Effect Unavoidable 2 AP
Cotton On Status Effect Unavoidable 4 AP
Doc Leaf Status Effect 100% 1 AP
Leech Status Effect 100% 1 AP
Life Absorb Melee Attack 30 100% 1 AP
New Leaf Miscellaneous Unavoidable 3 AP
Plant Camouflage Status Effect 100% 2 AP
Plant Coating Status Effect 100% 2 AP
Plant Resistance Miscellaneous 100% Passive
Plant Wall Status Effect 100% 2 AP
Poison Pollen Status Effect 100% 1 AP
Pumpkin Pie Status Effect Unavoidable 2 AP
Snooze Spore Status Effect 50% 2 AP
Splinter Melee Attack 15 Unavoidable Passive
Woodcutter Melee Attack 40 100% 3 AP