Stat Stages

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Stat stages are multipliers induced by Status Effects that influence the Stat in battle.

General Formula

The value varies depending on the Status Effect. For a particular stat, the total stat stages across all statuses are added first and then the following formula is used to determine the multiplier:

Put succinctly, both positive and negative stat stage changes affect the stat by 25% per stage.

Stat Stage Values

Status Effect Stats Affected Stat Stage
Status Melee Attack Up.png Melee Attack Up Melee Attack +2
Status Melee Attack Down.png Melee Attack Down Melee Attack -2
Status Melee Defence Up.png Melee Defence Up Melee Defence +2
Status Melee Defence Down.png Melee Defence Down Melee Defence -2
Status Ranged Attack Up.png Ranged Attack Up Ranged Attack +2
Status Ranged Attack Down.png Ranged Attack Down Ranged Attack -2
Status Ranged Defence Up.png Ranged Defence Up Ranged Defence +2
Status Melee Defence Down.png Ranged Defence Down Ranged Defence -2
Status Double Speed.png Double Speed Speed +4
Status Speed Up.png Speed Up Speed +2
Status Speed Down.png Speed Down Speed -2
Status Petrified.png Petrified Speed -1
Status Accuracy Up.png Accuracy Up Accuracy +2
Status Accuracy Down.png Accuracy Down Accuracy -2
Status Evasion Up.png Evasion Up Evasion +4
Status Evasion Down.png Evasion Down Evasion -4
Status Gambit.png Gambit Melee Attack, Melee Defence, Ranged Attack, Ranged Defence, Speed, Accuracy +4
Status Meditating.png Meditating Melee Attack, Melee Defence, Ranged Attack, Ranged Defence +1 per amount
Status Tower Defence.png Tower Defence Melee Defence, Ranged Defence +2
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