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Pre-release artwork of several partner characters from Cassette Beasts

Partners are characters that join the player character whilst traveling and battling. The player is, after unlocking the ability with a partner, able to activate Fusion with them in battle.

Partners each have a signature tape.

List of Partners

  • Kayleigh: Unlocked midway through the tutorial at the start of the game.
  • Meredith: Found in New Wirral Park, near the Ranger outpost.
  • Eugene: Shortly after completing the tutorial, he will appear in eastern Harbourtown and ask you to help him defeat the Landkeepers. Agree to help and clear out the first Landkeeper base.
  • Felix: Found in the remains of his apartment in Lakeside.
  • Viola: In the marshes, near the campfire, open the ranger chest and you will meet Viola. Then, on the beach northwest of the marshes, underneath an arch, you'll meet a ghost named Sebastian. Talk to Viola afterwards to unlock her.
  • Barkley: After unlocking the Electromagnetism ability, found in the top right of Cherry Meadow. Use the magnet platform to get up the cliff and meet Barkley. (Quest requires the Pumpkin Vine Ball ability to complete. Capturing the boss will give you the Averevoir Flight ability).


The player character has a relationship level with each partner character which indicates how close they are to one another. At a level of 1 or higher, the player can fuse with the partner during battle. As a relationship level increases (maxing out at 5), the stats of the fusion between the player and that partner increase.

Additionally after reaching a relationship level of 5 with any partner (except Barkley) and making the correct choices during the partner's level 5 scene, the player will begin dating that partner. Once an additional relationship occurs with a partner the player is dating, they will enter into a romantic relationship. The player can only romance one partner character.

How to Increase Relationship Level

The first relationship level for all partner characters is unlocked by completing their side-quest, with the exception of Kayleigh whose first level unlocks after completing This Is The World We Live In and her second level unlocks after completing her side-quest I Ran So Far Away.

For the other relationship levels, as the player character battles alongside the partner any experience points they earn are also counted as "relationship points". Once the player's relationship points with a partner exceed a level-specific threshold, then the next time the player rests with that partner a relation levelup scene will trigger, increasing their relationship level and resetting their relationship points to 0.

Level up Points required
0 → 1 -
1 → 2 1,512
2 → 3 4,104
3 → 4 7,992
4 → 5 13,176
Dating → Romantic 19,656


  • According to Jay Baylis, all the partners are canonically in their 20s.[1][2]


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