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A move's physicality corresponds to whether it is melee or ranged.

Only melee attacks trigger contact effects.

It does not always correlate with the statistic used to calculate the attack's damage.

General Case

A melee attack sticker will lead to the move being melee.
A ranged attack sticker will lead to the move being ranged.

Special Cases

Status Effects

Close Encounter makes all attacks become melee.
Spring-Loaded makes all attacks become ranged.



All ranged attacks used by characters affected by Fog have 0 accuracy.

Snowed In

Affected characters cannot use melee attacks.

Contact Damage

Contact Damage applies after the statused character has hit with a melee attack or has been hit by a melee attack.

Glass Shards

Glass Shards damage applies before a melee attack hits, and only once per attack.


When a move is melee, the character will move towards the target(s) before attacking. When a move is ranged, the character will not move before attacking.

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