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Voice actorLiz Morey

Ianthe is the leader of the Rangers, a recurring character who is first encountered at the Ranger Outpost defeating a Rogue Fusion.


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She is married to Wilma.


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Shortly after the player arrives at New Wirral, they meet Ianthe in order to become a ranger trainee.[1][2]

After the player defeats all the ranger captains, Ianthe makes them a full-fledged ranger and encourages them to complete a test to become a ranger captain.[3][4]


During Part 4 of Take Me On, Ianthe is challenged in Town Hall, partnered with Wilma and takes the battle to Harbourtown Outskirts. The player receives the status of Ranger Captain and a non-common Headshot sticker for winning.

Ianthe and Wilma can only be fought once per save file.

Battle Team

Ianthe Wilma
Can fuse
Djinn Entonic.png
Djinn Entonic


Ianthe’s team consists mostly of powerful ranged attackers, possessing wide type coverage and some multi-hit moves which break Walls quickly. Gearyu has high melee defense with a 50% chance to ignore walls with Ricochet, and Djinn Entonic can use disruptive moves to cause damage and Confused status. Robindam is a brute-force offensive threat with AP Refund to sometimes return spent AP, while Decibelle has strong Ranged stats, Echolocation to strike a full team, and Hurricane to instantly break walls. At a full AP bar their tapes will likely use Headshot to deal massive damage, or a Fusion Power if in fused form.

In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 领队埃安忒
French Capitaine Ianthe
German Anführerin Ianthe
Italian Capo Ianthe
Japanese リーダー・イアンシー
Korean 총대장 이안테
Portuguese Líder Ianthe
Spanish (Spain) Jefa Ianthe
Spanish (Latin America) Jefa Ianthe


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  2. "Trainees are tasked with meeting up with each of the ranger captains here in New Wirral, and overcoming their challenges." - Ianthe
  3. "Congratulations, <player> you're officially a ranger!" - Ianthe
  4. "Well, what do you say? Do you want to take on the trial to become a ranger captain?" - Ianthe

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