This Is The World We Live In

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This Is The World We Live In
ConditionsComplete tutorial battle
NextLand of Confusion
Take Me On

This Is The World We Live In is the quest that starts after the player meets Kayleigh. During this quest the player obtains the Mothwing Glide ability.


  1. Speak to Kayleigh at the Harbourtown East entrance.
  2. Follow Kayleigh's directions.
  3. Accompany Kayleigh to the broken pathway.
  4. Investigate the strange structure.


After Kayleigh gives the player a cassette player and their first monster tape, she starts to show the player around Harbourtown. Kayleigh attempts to explain to the player that they are now stuck in New Wirral, but this revelation causes the player to faint. Worried, Kayleigh carries the player to their new home and gets Doctor Pensby to check up on the player. After the player wakes up, Kayleigh and Pensby explain the nature of New Wirral and the monsters that inhabit it. The two of them leave the player to put on new clothes and explore Harbourtown.

Once the player meets up with Kayleigh in front of the gates blocking off Harbourtown Outskirts, Kayleigh asks them for help with an errand she was tasked with. The player agrees to help Kayleigh investigate the cracks in the ground in the area above the water pipe. Kayleigh gives the player the Harbourtown Gate Key, which they use to unlock the gate.

On their way through Harbourtown Outskirts, Kayleigh has the player fight a Springheel in order to teach them more about how to fight monsters. The player presses a switch to activate an elevating platform to allow them to continue. Kayleigh shows the player a campsite where they can rest to heal and repair their tapes.

As they continue heading towards the broken pathway, Kayleigh spots a Dominoth and encourages the player to find a way to attract it to them. The player flips a switch to turn on a lamp, which attracts the Dominoth and starts a fight. Kayleigh gives the player 5 Item Basic Tape.png Basic Tapes and teaches the player how to record monsters. Upon successfully recording the Dominoth, the player obtains the Mothwing Glide ability and Kayleigh teaches them about abilities.

After using Mothwing Glide to cross a gap, the two finally reach the broken pathway. As they arrive, the ground begins to shake and crumble, causing a strange structure to arise out of the ground. After entering the structure, Kayleigh notes that it appears to be a train station and that it smells like burning metal.

In the depths of the train station, they find the injured Archangel Morgante. Morgante mistakes the two of them for someone named Mordread. After Morgante realizes the two are not Mordread, she attacks them.

While fighting Morgante, Kayleigh and the player fuse together which allows them to defeat Morgante.

After being defeated, Morgante tells them that she knows a way for them to be able to leave the island and enters the player's body, taking it has her vessel and knocking the player unconscious. While unconscious, the player has a dream where Morgante is signing about how to leave New Wirral, but most of Morgante's words are too quiet for the player to hear.

After the player awakens, they and Kayleigh leave to go to the Gramophone Café. In the café, they discuss fusion and Archangels. Kayleigh mentions that she has never fused with anyone before. Kayleigh and the player agree to work together to try and find the way off of the island that Morgante mentioned by finding and defeating other Archangels.

The player's relationship level with Kayleigh raises to level 1, and the quest Land of Confusion is unlocked.

Kayleigh also encourages the player to meet with the Ranger Leader in the ranger outpost in order to start the rangers' training program, unlocking the quest Take Me On.


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