Pier of the Unknown (quest)

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Pier of the Unknown
ConditionsAccess to Pier of the Unknown DLC
Return from the Dead World

Pier of the Unknown is the story quest of Pier of the Unknown DLC. The quest starts after the player arrives at Brightside Pier and meets Gwen.


  1. Disable the 3 Infernal Engines at Brightside Pier.
  2. Speak with Gwen.


Following the player's first encounter with Aleph and return from the Dead World, Clémence informs the player of a strange sighting of a row boat coming onto Habourtown's shore.[1] Investigating the row boat takes the player and their partner to Brightside Pier, a run-down amusement park run by a clown named Gwen.[2] She explains that the park's three Infernal Engines have run amok and tasks the player to deactivate them.[3][4]


  1. "A patron of this fine establishment told me of a peculiar sighting they saw earlier. An abandoned rowing boat, sailing itself to shore not too long ago. Sounds strange, no? I thought that you would like to hear about it, given that you and your friends adore discussing strange occurences right here in my café!" - Clémence
  2. "I am Gwen, humble host and ringmistress of Brightside Pier!" - Gwen
  3. "The pier's three main attractions are each powered by rusty old machines that keep them running day and night. Something has happened to these infernal engines, and now their instability threatens the safety of the entire pier. This happened on my watch - and because of the nasty blighters that have since moved in, I am unable to fix them myself. I sent out the boat to your island in hopes that someone would come and help me resolve my slight predicament." - Gwen
  4. "What do you think? Do you think you'd be able to give these infernal engines a good ol' wallop to make them work again?" - Gwen

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