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Ranger Captains are expert Cassette users who are fought in the Take Me On questline, being special members of the Rangers led by Ianthe. Captains are responsible for protecting Harbourtown from monsters, with some of them also overseeing tasks such as construction, scavenging, delivery or electrical work. Defeating them in battle earns you a stamp, and getting all 12 stamps grants Ranger membership status to the player. It also allows access to Ianthe’s final challenge for advancing the quest.

Ranger Captains tend to use strategies themed on their character, each with strengths and vulnerabilities. In addition to a Stamp, defeating a Captain also awards the player either an Olive-Up! or Upgrape, one Fused Material, and an Uncommon or Rare Sticker for a move related to their tactics. (Note, Zedd and Clee-0 cannot be faced immediately, they have a short quest that must be completed in order to progress)

List of ranger captains

Stamp Wallace.png
1) Wallace
Stamp Skip.png
2) Skip
Stamp Zedd.png
3) Zedd
Stamp Judas.png
4) Judas
Stamp Clee-0.png
5) Clee-0
Stamp Lodestein.png
6) Lodestein
Stamp Penny Dreadful.png
7) Penny Dreadful
Stamp Gladiola.png
8) Gladiola
Stamp Heather.png
9) Heather
Stamp Buffy.png
10) Buffy
Stamp Cybil.png
11) Cybil
Stamp Codey.png
12) Codey

Locations of Ranger Captains

Location of Ranger Captains
Location of Ranger Captains

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