Fusion Radar

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The Fusion Radar is a miscellaneous item that once obtained will show the locations of Rogue Fusions and other similar static encounters on the world map. It is a reward for completing the first noticeboard Fused Material gathering objective.


Icon Name Description
Item Fusion Radar.png Fusion Radar Displays icons on your map where Rogue Fusions can be found.

How to obtain

After completing the 4th part of the quest Take Me On, the player unlocks access to the Ranger Noticeboard. Once the player has obtained a certain amount of Item Fused Material.png Fused Material they will be able to talk to Ianthe to obtain the Fusion Radar.



  1. 1.0 1.1 "The last batch you gave me proved extremely useful. Captain Lodestein tells me his ground-penetrating Fusion Radar is already picking up a signal deep under Dino Quarry, in the Deadlands." - Ianthe

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