Don't You Want Me

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Don't You Want Me
ConditionsMeet Felix

Don't You Want Me is the quest that starts after the player meets Felix in Lakeside.


  1. Meet Felix at his home in West Harbourtown.
  2. Fight a warrior with a wooden sword in the Cherry Meadow alongside Felix.
  3. Find the four elemental altars with Felix to track down Kuneko.
  4. Help Felix make things right with Kuneko.


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After the player meets Felix in the remains of his apartment in Lakeside, he will return to his home in western Harbourtown. Speak with Felix in his home to obtain Felix as a partner and unlock this quest.

The quest begins with Felix requesting the player to fight a Kirikuri for him to draw. To progress his quest, the player needs to travel to Cherry Meadow with Felix as their active partner. They can find a Kirikuri at the western part of Cherry Meadow, where the player engages the Kirikuri in a battle.


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