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The Amber Lodge #A13
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Voice actorAllegra Clark

The Amber Lodge is A13 of the Archangels. A sentient building that can traverse through time and space. The woman who runs it, Ms. Amber, is in fact an extension of herself. Once used by Aleph to get around reality, but has since "fallen out". Is not fought in the game.

Ingame Bio

Ms. Amber is an enigmatic but hospitable Archangel, who offers safe passage to travellers of the cosmos. She has the ability to travel freely between worlds, and takes the form of a high-class club filled with guests.

Ms. Amber was once a member of Aleph's troupe, and was herself the method by which they travelled across the connected cosmos. She left her peers on New Wirral when fighting broke out amongst them, and has come to regret her participation in Aleph's many endeavours.


The Amber Lodge is first seen within the Dead World, using Ms. Amber to approach the player and let them in before teleporting away. While in the Lodge, Amber explains that she used to run with Aleph, Morgante, and others. When the player asks if they are an Archangel, Ms. Amber goes on to explain that she is merely "the face of the Amber Lodge". Afterwards, she reveals a mirror portal back to New Wirral, but asks if the player meets Aleph again, to not mention her.

After Aleph Null is defeated, Ms. Amber appears again and explains to the cast that while Aleph is dead for now, so long as humans continue to kill each others, then the Red King will reform one day. She then tells them that the gate to leave New Wirral is one-way, and tells the player to make any last-minute preparations before talking to her again and then leave. After everyone goes home, Ms. Amber returns to the Lodge and leaves.


While not fought, she is encountered in the Dead World Aleph sends you to.



In Other Languages

Ms. Amber

Chinese (Simplified) 琥珀女士
French Miss Ambre
German Ms. Amber
Italian Madame Ambra
Japanese ミス・アンバー
Korean 앰버
Portuguese Srta. Âmbar
Spanish (Spain) Amber
Spanish (Latin America) Amber

The Amber Lodge

Chinese (Simplified) 琥珀旅馆
French La Loge d'Ambre
German Bei Amber
Italian La Loggia Ambra
Japanese クラブ・アンバー
Korean 앰버 롯지
Portuguese O Salão Âmbar
Spanish (Spain) La Posada Ambarina
Spanish (Latin America) La Posada Ambarina

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