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Morgante Gestalt #A03
Spirit of Rebellion
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Morgante Gestalt is the form of Morgante derived from the combined power of you and the various partners in the game. It is the only Archangel that the player controls, and is part of the end of the main storyline on New Wirral.

Ingame Bio

The will to fight back against impossible odds, along with the remnant spirit of Morgante, has formed Morgante Gestalt. It is an Egregore - known as an "Archangel" on New Wirral - an entity created by a combined will to change reality. This power resides in all of mankind.

Gestalt means something that is greater than the sum of its parts. Individually, a person's ability to enact change on the world around them is limited. Combined, their potential power is limitless.


Is used by the player in Night's Bridge Station, in the fight against Aleph Null.


Max HP
M. Atk
M. Def
R. Atk
R. Def


Morgante Gestalt is assumed by the player halfway through the fight against Aleph Null.

Special Moves

  • <Player Name>'s Conviction: Hits a single target.
  • Coda Morgana (Angelic Attack): Hits a whole team. Consumes all AP, and has a power of 9999999.
  • Barkley's Energy: Boosts the user's AP generation.
  • Eugene's Courage: Raises the user's Melee Defence and Ranged Defence.
  • Felix's Creativity: Hits a whole team.
  • Kayleigh's Melody: A passive move. Motivates the user to keep going upon defeat.
  • Meredith's Wit: Raises the user's Melee Attack and Ranged Attack.
  • Viola's Determination: Raises the user's Evasion.


  • She is called "Finalgante" internally in the game's code.

In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 格式塔莫甘特
French Morgayne Gestalt
German Morgante-Gestalt
Italian Gestalt Morgante
Japanese モルガンテ・ゲシュタルト
Korean 모르간테 게슈탈트
Portuguese Morgana Gestalt
Spanish (Spain) Morganta Gestalt
Spanish (Latin America) Morganta Gestalt

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